MOI's Philosophy

MOI are not interested in Creating the norm ... We are only interested in Crafting projects, which will inspire and draw breath from those who get to see, live or use those building and/or structures which we have brought into being ... and "Imagineering" is our process for doing just that. For most, a Project is nothing more than Design, Finance and Construction on a piece of Land ... for MOI; it is much, much more. At MOI We believe it is how you laterally and Creatively piece together (Imagineer), not only the design and engineering of that which is to be built, but all of the commercial and operational aspects of each project as well.

Mr. Malcolm D. Copson

"For me, each piece of land is priceless, it is something no man or woman ever truly owns, but only has stewardship over. It is with this understanding that I treat land as an unblemished canvass, pure & white, one which deserves to be used in the best way it can. I see it as my duty, my absolute honour to create a masterpiece on each precious square meter of soil, & only by understanding this, have I embraced the very essence of that which is the Art of Imagineering. I believe that the end product of the Art of Imagineering should be one that reflects the breath & depth of one’s soul, one which embodies the very spirit of mankind, one which, when complete, will positivity inspire & touch the lives of many.

"The True Brilliance of an idea can only be realized once it has been built."

"When I see a piece of land, I see a world & a vision, one which I want to create."

It is important that each & every member of my "Imagineering Team" share the vision of what it is that we are trying to create. The purpose of Imagineering is to ensure that whoever participates in the "Imagineering" process, as well as those who enjoy the fruits of that which has been created, will have one of the most unforgettable experiences in their life time.

"If you ask me how I can put my signature projects on a piece of land, it is just like a gifted musician, a special talent given by God".

Author: Mr. Malcolm D. Copson

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