Futuristic Underwater Living and Unique
Sea-borne Property Investment Opportunity.


Lifestyle and Leisure

  • A signature underwater residence and resort, the first of its kind anywhere in the world.
  • Prestigious status appeal, which provides a lifestyle beyond the known luxury experience.
  • A distinguished residential address in the beautiful azure blue waters of the Caribbean.
  • Unprecedented underwater living experience with exclusive privacy, comfort and security for all SEA City residents and guests.
  • Ultra-luxury comfort and personalized services, only 15 minutes from the island’s own international airport.
  • Unspoiled Caribbean tourist destination with warm hospitality as only the people of St. Kitts and Nevis can provide.
  • Access to a wide-range of leisure amenities and facilities offered within the underwater pleasure dome, garden and surface buildings.
  • Access to 1,000+ marina berths, a private submarine plus private helicopter tours.
  • Exclusive “SEA City Owners Club” and “Marina Club” membership entitlements.

Investment Return

  • An iconic sea-borne property investment opportunity.
  • Potential property appreciation owing to futurism and innovation.
  • No capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, no registration fees.
  • Eligibility to benefit from the St. Kitts and Nevis CBI Program – subject to Government vetting and other processing fees.

Futurism and Innovation

  • A futuristic and innovative underwater living adventure.
  • A self-sustaining environmental showcase project that provides its own electricity, fresh water supply and waste treatment.
  • Fully connected AI smart living option available, upon request.


  • Given the unique waterborne nature of the project, SEA City has been designed to protect all those who live, work and play within its domain from both naturally occurring events (Hurricanes and Typhoons, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, etc.,) and non naturally occurring events (Ship to Sea Wall Collision, Fire, Etc). Each underwater habitat and public facility being equipped with its own internal escape route direct to the surface. To us, the safety of each individual is paramount and is non negotiable.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Loving our nature is the role model for all that we do – all our activities are based upon an Ethical, Environmentally Beneficial, Sustainable and therefore Contemporary Approach.

The Team

  • Delivery of such a Signature project as SEA City requires exceptional individuals to deliver it. To this end, MOI Imagineering International Limited, have assembled a world class team who have both the breadth and depth of knowledge, plus the resources and experience, to realize it in a physical sense.


This is a Signature, 10 square kilometer of Floating City Development comprising

  • 1000+ semi-submerged residential units
  • 500+ key, semi-submerged resort accommodation units
  • Underwater leisure pool and spa complex
  • Underwater garden
  • Semi-submerged banqueting restaurant and bar
  • Semi-submerged resort reception building with feature restaurant and conferencing facilities
  • 1000+ berth marina complex
  • Marina clubhouse restaurant and bar
  • 20,000+ square meters of floating leisure attractions for use by the residents and tourists of the host location alike (external to the Sea Wall)
  • Floating roads
  • Protective sea wall, with built-in running and cycling tracks
  • A 54 mega watt solar array
  • A Retail and Reception Spine adjacent to the Marina Complex

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